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Admire Franchise

ADMIRE franchise helps you to become a successful business owner

We herewith present a roadmap to expedite your Franchise requirements in a systematic and cost effective manner, which we trust will make you a successful business owner and ADMIRE franchisee.

Elaborate Training

We offer comprehensive and detailed instructional program to our franchisees. The goal of elaborate training is to ensure consistency, quality, and success across all franchise locations, fostering a uniform and effective educational experience for students while maintaining the overall brand integrity.

Educational Support

Educational support involves a range of resources, guidance, and tools offered to franchisees within the education sector. It is a crucial element in maintaining a standardized and high-quality educational experience throughout the entire franchise network.

marketing support

Marketing support involves a range of strategic initiatives and resources aimed at promoting and enhancing the visibility of the franchise's educational services. It includes the development and implementation of marketing plans, advertising campaigns, and promotional materials to attract students and build brand awareness.

Admire Franchise

"It's time to change the future of education with our innovative school franchise model

The ever increasing demand of better educational institution has paved the way for the upcoming young creative thinker to step into the education franchise of a Play school or a primary school (I to V).

Therefore, according to your requirements, you can set up an educational institution comfortably by getting the franchise of ADMIRE

Substantial Territory

ADMIRE grants you a substantial territory and be a market leader in your region. As a fact no competition is faced in among the ADMIRE Pre-schools.

Sole Ownership

ADMIRE franchise gives you soul ownership. As such you can retain the ownership and also be a proud ADMIRE franchise.


With ADMIRE franchise the Payback term is very short extending form 9-12 months. Payback is directly related with initial investment and ROI.

Admire Franchise

Key features of ADMIRE FRANCHISE

The Admire Franchise for play schools offers a comprehensive and nurturing environment designed to foster the holistic development of young minds. Key features of the Admire Franchise include:

Low Initial Investment


Higher return on Investment


Proven Curriculum


Ongoing support


Admire Franchise

Ideology & Methodology

The Ideology behind the Formation of Admire Franchise model is based on our Mission and our vision.

  • Our Mission: To educate and equip students to become major contributors to, leaders in, and valued representatives of their National and International communities.
  • Customised Pre-launch and launch campaigns are designed.
  • Our vision: To develop a love of learning, promote excellence in all areas of endeavor, and provide access to outstanding educational experiences, teachers and facilities.
  • Elaborate administrative training and teachers training are provided.
Admire Franchise

Unleash yourself, be an edupreneur

“Unleash your potential and become an Edupreneur with the Admire Franchise – where passion meets purpose. Break free from the ordinary, chart your own course in education, and shape the future. It’s not just a business; it’s a transformative journey. Seize the opportunity, inspire young minds, and make a lasting impact. Be the architect of change in education – be an Edupreneur with Admire Franchise!”

Passion-Driven Purpose:

Admire Franchise invites you to channel your passion for education into a purposeful venture. It's not just about running a business; it's about making a positive impact on young lives through quality education.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment:

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with the Admire Franchise's empowering business model. Take control of your professional destiny and be the architect of your success in the dynamic field of early childhood education.

Innovative Educational Ventures:

As an Edupreneur with Admire Franchise, embrace innovation in educational practices. Develop and implement creative approaches that engage young minds, fostering a love for learning.

Admire Franchise

Requirements to open a franchise

The specific requirements to open an Admire Franchise include taking the following steps:

  • Nature of Educational Institution: The foremost step is to make your mind up for the kind of educational institution you want to own a franchise of. You want to set-up a preschool (Montessori to Kindergarten) or primary school. We provide the franchise opportunities for both preschool and primary school.
  • Location: Find a suitable location for your educational institution. Make sure that the location you choose offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere and easy transport facility. One more important thing to take care while choosing the location is to choose a residential locality.
  • Space required: Different nature of educational institution have different space requirement. The land can either be leased (Rented for minimum 5 years and to be renewed further) or can be of your own. Besides this, the land requirements may vary according to the response and rising number of students.
  • Capital Investment: You need to ascertain the amount of capital to be invested. The amount shall vary depending upon the type of education segment opted for. For instance, the amount of investment required for a pre-school (Playhouse to kindergarten) franchise is Rs.4-5lakhs depending upon the location.
Admire Franchise

Glad to help you

Embark on a journey of partnership and prosperity! Join forces with us and become a valued franchisee in our thriving network. Together, we’ll unlock new horizons, build success, and shape the future. Partner with us – your gateway to a rewarding and impactful business venture!”

Admire Franchise

benefits of admire franchise

Admire Franchise offers a comprehensive package that goes beyond just a business opportunity. It provides the tools, support, and a proven framework for franchisees to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children while building a successful and fulfilling business..

Collaborative Network
Transparent Financial Model
Comprehensive Training Programs
Established Brand Recognition
Quick Path to Profitability
Admire Franchise

Unlocking Success with Admire Play School Franchise Cost-Effective and Compelling Opportunities Await!

Embrace the journey of entrepreneurship with Admire Playschool’s franchise plans, where affordability meets excellence. Our cost-effective franchise options open doors to a world of exciting possibilities, allowing aspiring business owners to invest in quality education without breaking the bank. 

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