Admire Franchise


ADMIRE is a flexible, creative environment chain of Play Schools that truly does strive to provide the best, most enriching care for the children who attend. The administration is responsive to needs, and teachers really care about student. ADMIRE believes in all round development of students and provides hygienic environmental friendly atmosphere with all sorts of modern amenities and playing equipment.

Mr. Gangadhar Kedia and Mr. Narendra Kedia, a father-son team are the founders of ADMIRE. Undoubtedly, the goals set by them for this Institution is far beyond comparisons.  Mr. Kedia is a source of Inspiration for each and every member of the management. His extra ordinary amount of determination and dedication proves this fact that “Great people are ordinary people with extra ordinary amount of determination.” He is an educationist with a vision and trend-setting determination. Throughout his life, his charismatic leadership and valuable guidance has Infused vigour and zeal into portals of education and steered a new soul in the field of education.

“Great organizations have great plans”. In simplest terms, it is not possible for an organization to rise to the summit without strategic planning. Effective and strategic planning is an outcome of the visionaries. Mr. Gangadhar Kedia is one of the visionary and socially responsible citizens. No wonder, his planning, perception and Ideas were the key Ingredients in the formation of ADMIRE, India’s trusted chain of Play School. Mr. Kedia is actively involved in the management of this educational Institution. Mr. Narendra Kedia is plays a pivotal role in everyday management and development of chain schools throughout the country.

With a team and management like this behind ADMIRE, India’s trusted chain of Play Schools you can be assured to get success and profitability in setting up a Play school.


Admire Franchise

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Our Founder and Chairman was Honoured with the ‘Inspiring Best Teacher Award 2018’ for the 2nd consecutive year by University of Engineering and Management (UEM) and Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM). Sharing the stage at BISWA BANGLA CONVENTION CENTRE, New Town with the top most dignitaries in the field of education.


We offer comprehensive and detailed instructional program to our franchisees. The goal of elaborate training is to ensure consistency, quality, and success across all franchise locations, fostering a uniform and effective educational experience for students while maintaining the overall brand integrity.


Educational support involves a range of resources, guidance, and tools offered to franchisees within the education sector. It is a crucial element in maintaining a standardized and high-quality educational experience throughout the entire franchise network.


Marketing support involves a range of strategic initiatives and resources aimed at promoting and enhancing the visibility of the franchise's educational services. It includes the development and implementation of marketing plans, advertising campaigns, and promotional materials to attract students and build brand awareness.