Admire Franchise


“Join Admire Franchise, a trusted chain of play schools, where we believe in more than just education – we foster a culture of empowerment. Elevate your child’s learning experience and become an ‘Edupreneur’ with Admire. Our innovative approach to early childhood education ensures a holistic development, nurturing young minds to explore, create, and thrive. Together, let’s embark on a journey where learning is not just a process but a passion. Admire Franchise – Elevate Your Learning, Be an Edupreneur.”

What you need?

1. Space:
Location: Choose a suitable location with accessibility for parents and a safe environment for children.
Facilities: Ensure you have well-constructed rooms, play areas, restrooms, and a secure outdoor space. A minimum of 1500-3000 square feet space is required to open a Play School.
2. Financial Investment:
Initial Capital: Estimated initial capital is required for space, infrastructure, franchise fees, and other setup costs.
Operating Expenses: Consider ongoing expenses such as staff salaries, utilities, and maintenance.
Working Capital:: Have sufficient working capital to cover day-to-day operational expenses.

What you get?

1. Training and Business Plan:
Established Brand: Leverage the reputation and recognition of Admire as a trusted and established chain of play schools, making it easier to attract students and build credibility within your community.
Training and Marketing Support: Receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from Admire to ensure that you are well-equipped to manage and operate a successful play school. Access marketing materials, strategies, and branding support.
2. Curriculum and Support:
Proven Curriculum: Benefit from a well-developed and proven curriculum designed to promote holistic learning, cognitive development.

What is our USP?

Substantial Territory: ADMIRE grants you a substantial territory and be a market leader in your region. As a fact no competition is faced in among the ADMIRE Pre-schools.
Soul Ownership: ADMIRE franchise gives you soul ownership. As such you can retain the ownership and also be a proud ADMIRE franchise.
No Royalty: We're proud to offer a no-royalty structure, allowing you to maximize your returns while delivering an exceptional educational experience. At Admire, we prioritize your success.
Low Initial Investment: Compared to any existing big brands, the initial investment to set up ADMIRE franchise is very low. As a matter of fact the franchisee gains maximum profit at minimum investment
ROI 200%: As per low initial investment, the ROI designed is very high up to 200%. Thus giving maximum profitability to the early investors/franchisee.

Admire Franchise

steps to start a play school with admire franchise

To pursue an Admire franchise, you should follow a structured process to ensure that you understand the terms, meet the requirements, and can successfully establish and operate the franchise. Here are the general steps you might take to acquire an Admire franchise:

six major steps to start a play school

Admire Franchise

Setting up an Admire franchise involves several crucial steps to ensure a smooth launch and successful operation of your play school. Here is a generalized guide to the final stages of setting up an Admire franchise:

Franchise Application:

Step 1. Get in touch with us and submit the Franchise Appraisal Form along with following details:
– location map of the proposed location in the city/town
– layout of the building space with dimensions of the rooms
– photographs of the building

Negotiation and Agreement:

Step 3. If both parties are satisfied with the appraisal, negotiations take place, and the franchise agreement is discussed and finalized. This legal document outlines the terms, obligations, and rights of both the franchisee and the franchisor.

Payment of Fees:

Fulfill any financial commitments, including payment of the initial franchise fees and any other agreed-upon costs.

Research and Inquiry:

Step 2. We begin by researching and reviewing the appraisal. It involves the following steps: – Initial Inquiry, Site Selection and approval.
– Admire evaluates the potential franchisee’s suitability before granting approval. We prepare survey report and FDD.

Site Setup and Infrastructure:

Step 4. Proceed with setting up the physical infrastructure of your play school. Ensure that the facility aligns with the standards and requirements specified by Admire.

Training and Onboarding:

Participate in the training programs by Admire. This may cover various aspects, including curriculum implementation, operational procedures, and administrative tasks.

Marketing and Promotion:

Step 5: Develop and execute marketing strategies to promote your Admire play school within the local community. Utilize any branding and marketing support provided by Admire.

Launch Event:

Step 6: Plan and execute a launch event to introduce your Admire play school to the community. This can include inviting parents, local media, and community members.